Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting sponsored?

Hi everybody!

Today's post is about an unusual (for me) and a bit more serious topic. There is that breaking point in every blogger's "career" when they get their first collaboration offer. It's up to everyone if they want to decline and continue blogging about stuff they like without "selling out" or if they're gonna accept and start enjoying all the benefits of being a blogger.

Of course, not every offer you get is beneficial, many are not even legit and some are just outright spam. Some of the people you get into contact with offer you a fair deal, some just want you to work for them for free. It's important to know the difference to make the most from collabs and preserve your blogger dignity at the same time. Consider this post to be a little "guide" to blogger sponsorship and collaboration with stores.

Warning: lots of text T_T

First of all, this is an example of a sponsorship offer done right:

This e-mail looks serious business. Their English language is good and formal. They introduce themselves properly, provide a link to their website, describe what do they do and that they want to establish a collaboration with my blog. They also state that they have worked with many bloggers before, which is an information easily verifiable by Google and it adds some amount of credibility.

Now we get to the highlighted part, which has the most important information. They describe in detail what do they offer and what do they want me to do. In the end of the e-mail, they offer even more information if I'm interested. Fair deal. I indeed wear circle lenses so there was no reason not to accept this.

Some of the offers i get look very similar to this, but they're not quite the same. Let's see:

Now this one looks good at the first sight. Very similar to the one before, right? They're Lookbook Store, they want to collaborate with me, as seen in the first highlighted sentence. They're giving 2 free items for... who? Bloggers who would meet their requirements. What their requirements are? As listed. I'm supposed to send them my blog visits daily to check if I meet their standards...

...wait what?

First they write to me and state that they want to collaborate with me specifically. Later this changes into "we want you if you meet our standards". Note that they don't even say what their standards are. Plus, I'm supposed to send them my blog URL, which is something they should already know since they contacted me because they "stumbled upon" my blog, right? No. This "Stephanie" has probably never seen my blog, otherwise she would have known that I don't meet their standarts (2k followers btw, I had to look this up on their web myself) and she would definitely have had my URL.
So I decided to write back to them to see what they have to say.

So Stephanie is sure I'll meet their requirements soon enough and she wants to "help me" by writing guest posts on my blog and share it on her social media. That's sweet, except not. What would be there in it for me? That's right, I'd be left with nothing but "Girl's Fashion Guide to Increasing Confidence" BS by Stephanie on my blog. I highly doubt my blog traffic would increase, since they were originally the one who needed publicity, not me.

Well played Stephanie but no, thanks.

And some of the "offers" you get are just... ridiculous.
Now this Jason sure seems to like to give compliments a lot. "Bonobos loves style and class, two traits you seem to radiate" - just wow. It also looks serious, they're teaming up with a group of bloggers and they want me to join and they want me to "compliment their winter line on my blog". If I'm interested, they'll send me photos, I make a blog post about them and...? And nothing. One vital information is missing and that is what do they have to offer. Reason? They don't offer anything. They literally want me to work for them for free (or, in this case, for some juicy compliments about my style). I'd really like to see the team of bloggers they were talking about because nobody sane could accept this.

Of course, these have been only examples of what you can expect. I've experienced offers thet were legit, but from stores that were rather shady (milanoo, anyone?), which I sadly had to decline as well. Stores that were asking me to buy something from them first, which is, well, kinda rude thing to ask. And on the list goes.

TLDR: Do and don't when it comes to sponsorship and collabs:
 carefully read every sponsorship offer. That way you cannot be unpleasantly surprised later.
Do take notice of following facts: Does the message seem professional to you? What is their language like? Did they provide all the necessary information?
Do your research before accepting a collab. Does the store sponsor lot of bloggers? Sweet, see how was their experience. Has the store shady past or lots of unsatisfied customers? Let's not promote shitty stuff.

Don't be afraid to ask for clarification or more information.
Don't accept offers that are not beneficial enough for you just for the feeling of collaborating with a store. People who value their self importance over reason are exactly why such ridiculous offers even exist.
Don't accept sponsorships that don't suit the theme of your blog. If you're a makeup blogger and you suddenly write a sponsored post about protein drinks, your readers will think you're selling out.
Don't lie about anything just because you were sponsored. Always write your honest opinion on the store and don't ever feel bad about not kissing their ass.

That't it! Do you agree or not? Do you have any bad experiences with sponsorship or you just get a lot of WTF offers? Do you have anything to add on the list? Tell me in comments!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer review

Today I bring you the review I was talking about in the last post. Please note that my camera is dead so I had to take the pics with my phone, so don't expect some great picture quality OTL.

I'd like to start this with a story of my cryving for a liquid to matte lipstick. I first saw those being sold by Lime Crime (which might even be the first brand to start producing them??? idk correct me if I'm wrong) but since my last purchase I have learned about the shady LC business (here is a whole tumblr blog dedicated to this topic) and decided not to support them, not mentioning how goddamn expensive their Velvetines are. 

So I learned that there were good dupes for LC Velvetines being sold by another indie brand, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. I decided to give it a chance and ordered a lippie from them, but I never got it. I emailed them about the problem and they asked me if they should repost the item or refund me. I said refund and they never sent me the money, nor did they bother to reply anymore. 

Since then, even more mainstream brands started to sell more affordable liquid to matte lipsticks, but most of them didn't ship to my country, so I was really happy when I learned about MUA's Velvet Lip Lacquers.

ilustration image, source
Velvet Lip Lacquers by MUA are liquid-to-matte lipsticks. From what I understood, there are currently two series of those, the older one comes in bright, distinctive shades of pink, red and purple and the newer one contains lipsticks in more decent, light pink and brownish shades. There is also one brand new, dark rosy purple shade called Dare, which is in my opinion completely stunning and if it was around at the time I was placing my order, I would have gotten it as well.

I decided to grab one lipstick from each line and bought the shades Reckless (dark red) and Tranquility (nude-ish brown). 

Availability: The brand is based in the UK so if you're from there, you won't experience any trouble getting their products since the list of stores that carry MUA is really long. If you're not, you can use their e-shop, they ship internationally except the USA and Russia, but that should be only temporary. 

Price: Good news, their prices are reeeeaaaally low. The lip lacquers cost £3 ($4,7 or 100,-Kč) each and their other products are also pretty inexpensive. Shipping 

to the Czech Republic cost me £4,95, which is more than the lipstick but if you get two it already
pays off)

Packaging: The packaging isn't my favorite, I'm far too spoiled by all the cute and fancy Korean stuff I usually buy, but it doesn't look bad either. I say they could have tried more if they wanted to name it "Luxe".

Application: This lipstick, since it's liquid when you apply it, is used like a lipgloss or tint - with a wand. You have to apply it precisely and quickly because it's rather quick-drying and if you mess up, it can hardly be anything done with it.

Smell & taste: The smell is rather unpleasant, it is not perfumed and it just smells like a lipstick, which isn't awesome. When, however, applied on your lips, you don't smell or taste it at all. 

Consistency, durability and other info: As I said, the lacquer is liquid when applied, but it quickly dries into a matte finish. It's necessary to make sure you get the application right the first time because when it has dried, it forms kind of a film on your lips you cannot do anything with or it starts to crumble. It's fairly long lasting, it doesn't smudge or smear or stain, but it's not resistant to eating and drinking. Also make sure to keep your lips hydrated when using these because it kinda dries your lips out. Both of the shades I got are heavily pigmented so even one layer is enough, really. 

Colors: I absolutely love both of the shades I got. While Reckless looks like from a 50's movie and will be great for parties, Tranquility is tender, sophisticated and suitable for daily use. 

  • cheapo
  • good availability 
  • good pigmentation
  • variety of really cool colors to choose from
  • nice matte finish
  • crumbling
  • drying out
  • application requires some skill
  • shipping more expensive than products
Will I repurchase? Maybe, I might as well try similar products from other brands. But I'm definitely getting the new shade asap!

Sorry for a shitty selfie! Wearing Tranquility in this pic ;3

Hope you liked this review! Tell me in comments below!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cute online finds

Hello lil' mammoths! Today's post should have been a review for MUA's Velvet Lip Lacquers I started using recently but my camera is broken and I don't have the nerve for trying to take smartphone selfies in some acceptable quality. Bot worry not, the review is coming soon!

Instead, when picking Christmas gifts for myself because my mom starts to be impatient (she never knows what to get me so I have to choose myself, send her links and even help her buy it sometimes for she's not so comfortable with online shopping), I found some really cute and mostly affordable stuff on the internets. It's pretty much also my wishlist but why keep it for myself? I hope youl'll like it as much as I do~~

I actually already own this, I was looking for something in the navy/fuku style that wouldn't look so weeb-ish and wouldn't cost me that much. The link is for the seller I got it from, definitely recommended!

For hot people who spend their life on the internets, in other words, me and I'm pretty sure it applies to most of you guys as well. 

Best milk ever! A really cute mini bag in the shape of a milk box. 

I love this deer hoodie so much it just has to be mine. I first saw it on Syndromestore but I found it a bit pricey for a hoodie so I searched pretty much everywhere to find a cheaper seller. The Aliexpress link is the best I could find unless you buy it directly from Taobao, mostly because of the free shipping.

It's so hard to find something nice that comes in green! Btw, Brandedkitty seems like a cute shop, make sure to check what else they have.

I try to avoid Storenvy now because they're usually heavily overpriced and the quality is rubbish, but I might give these a chance. If they're able to handle the Prague terrain, that is. 

No words needed. Who doesn't love Nutella?

One rather bizzare thing to end with. Ladies and gentlemen, a crocodile hoodie. Doesn't look like a croc at all, but it's just too damn funny. Ideal for crocodile lovers, krokodil users, people with no sense of fashion but strong sense of humor and, of course, alligator loving Czech president. Enjoy.

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'till next time
Stella <3

Sunday, October 5, 2014

my makeup essentials

Greetings everyone~

 I'm here with yet another cosmetics-centric post. Don't worry, it's not like I want to turn Ice Age into a full-time beauty blog, however, beauty posts are the easiest to make.
 I'd love to start posting outfits again but I have hard time finding someone to snap a couple of pictures of me and in my new flat (yup, I moved, did I tell you?) I don't even have a mirror big enough to take at least mirror shots T_T

 Speaking of makeup posts, someone nominated me for the Blogger of the Year award in 'beauty' category. It would be really awesome if you guys could vote for me~ <3

And one more thing. I would like to apologize for not following everyone back. I've been having issues with my followers widget, I can only see the number of my followers but I cannot see their icons and anything, therefore I can't follow you guys back.  If anyone knows how to fix it, please, let me know.


Today I'd like to show you cosmetic products that are an essential part of my daily makeup routine. They can also be considered some kind of 'first makeup aid' or a 'travel kit' - If I travel somewhere, these are the products I'd most likely take with me. I never bother taking my whole cosmetic bag, I have too much stuff for that. 

This post does not contain any skincare products. I'm also planning on doing a sequel to this post with my evening makeup routine, so things such as mascara are missing in this one, since both my skin and my eyes are very sensitive ad there are some products I don't use unless I have to.

 from the left:

Etude House BB Magic Pact
Its weird to start the post with the thing you usually finish your makeup with but whatever. Powder is an essential thing for me since it unifies my skin color, makes my complexion look better, smoother and paler. I often have dry skin so I have to be careful with it, but this compact does its job fairly well. Although it's not the best one I've ever had and I'm not repurchasing it, I can recommend it to anyone.

Holika Holika blush 03
Blush is another thing I simply have to use. If I don't, I get frequently asked whether I am ill because I look pale. I actually got this one for free when shopping for BBcream in the Holika Holika store in PMall, but it's my absolute favorite. The color is somewhat dark old pink and it looks really nice, cute yet mature. It also blends well with the rest of my makeup. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if you can buy it separately :C

Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle concealer
I use a lot of concealer because I do have some huge dark circles under my eyes, so I was happy when I learned there is a concealer made especially to cover them. Unfortunately it doesn't work that great for me, the color is too dark and orange and the formula is not exactly what I look for in a concealer. Plus it apparently contains salmon, which is something don't support anymore. I only use it because I don't have the heart to toss it. However, for covering things on your face, I recommend cover stick from Essence, it's cheapo and it works just fine ^^

Essence eyeliner pen&eye pencil
As you can see, most of the cosmetics I use are from Korean brands, but there's no point in ordering things I run out of so quickly from Korea. An example of such product would be an eyeliner. I use it every day, the pen for more exact lines and the pencil for more smudgy ones. I have to buy them often so I want the to be cheap and effective. Again, Essence is great in producing makeup that has these qualities.

Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon fragrance mist
I already made a post about B&BW fragrances about a year and half ago (you can read the review here)and since then, Pink Chiffon has been by fave. The mists are always my choice for the day, for the night I use regular perfumes, of course. 

It's Skin Babyface BB cream
It's been a while since I last used a regular make-up instead of a BB. Apart from its dryness and occasional redness, my complexion is good so I don't need much coverage and Korean BB creams work much better than regular makeup or even drugstore BB's for me. This one was a huge surprise - I bought it because it was cute and cheap and did not expect much from it, but it's probably the best BB I've had so far. Smells nice, applies and blends well and lasts long, all with a decent coverage of blemishes. Definitely gonna repurchase and I recommend it to everybody!

Peripera Peri's Tint Crayon
I am currently widening my lip product collection since I didn't use them much in the past, so I'm kinda obsessed with all kinds of lipsticks, glosses and tints. For the day, I usually go with a tint and this one is really cool, I've always wanted to try orange lips and now I fell in love with it. It's not top quality, but it's funky and that's enough for me.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint
I like to use this one for more elegant kind of look. but it's actually very versatile and goes well with pretty much anything.  It's really tint-y, not so bright in color and it makes a nice gradient lips effect. Definitely one of my fave products.

That's all! What is your daily routine? Do you have some all-time favorites or like to experiment and try new things each time you're out of someting? Do you want me to make a sequel to this with my evening makeup essentials? Let me know in comments~ 

Stella <3

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Etude House Big Eyes Maker review

Hey everyone! Long time no beauty review, right?

Today I'm gonna review Dear Girls Big Eyes Maker by Etude House. I got it recently in my last order from , which is my favorite Korean makeup reseller right now. If you want me to review some particular item from this order, let me know!

The Big Eyes Maker was one big mystery for me. When I was ordering it, I didn't even know how does it look like and what it does, I simply liked it because of the name - who doesn't want to have big eyes? It was in my cart immediately.

This is how it looks like. It's a two sided eye shadow applicator with shimmery creamy white color on one end and quite dark chocolate brown on the other end.

The eyeshadow source is in the lids so it's extremely important not to mess them up so the sponges won't get dirty from the other color.

This is how the colors look like

When it arrived, I started my research on how does it work. And I found out that many people don't really know as well. Some tend to confuse it with Cute Eyes Maker from Etude House, which is for creating the "aegyo sal" or "puffy eyes" effect, but this one apparently does not work like that.

So the correct way to achieve 2 times bigger eyes with this product according to Etude House is...

Ta-dah! The eye in the picture doesn't look twice bigger (well it kinda does, because of the format of the picture, but I hope they didn't really believe this to be convincing) but it still looks pretty.

Let's try it on....


Not quite as impressive, huh?. Although the shadows should be really easy to use, I just can't seem to get them right. The sponges are very thick and not really maneuvering friendly so it's hard to achieve she shape that is shown in the instructive picture. Believe me, it's not because I'm clumsy. And it does not, i repeat DOES NOT make your eyes look any bigger.

OVERALL OPINION: This product is a huge disappointment for me. It does not work how it should work at all and it's not user friendly. I still like the eyeshadows and I'm going to use the white one under my eyes (the brown one is a bit too dark for my liking), but would I repurchase this? Definitely not.

Have any of you tried this? Do you like the product or do you agree with me? Did you buy a cosmetic product that disappointed you recently? Tell me in comments!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

GEO Nudy Grey review [sponsored by MapleLens]

Hi everyone~

Today I'm going to review another pair of circle lenses, this time it's a pair of Nudy lenses in Grey by GEO, which was, together with another pair of lenses I'm going to be reviewing soon, kindly sent to me by

First, let's talk about the shop itself. MapleLens is a circle lens reseller based in Malaysia. They carry brands such as GEO, EOS, G&G or Vassen and they have a fairly wide range of products to choose from. I have to say I absolutely love the way how they treated me as their partner blog. Not only they sent the lenses in these cute boxes, each pair with a cute case corresponding with the color of the lenses, they sent the whole package by FedEx so I had it at home in, like, 3 working days. I'm sure their customer service is amazing <3

When I got this offer, I wasn't really in need of lenses so I went with "what color I don't have yet". I chose Nudy Grey because I wanted to try out grey lenses and I didn't really want any vivid color which would pop out. I wanted lenses with a moderate enlargement that would blend in with my eyes nicely and wouldn't be obvious at first sight. These lenses serve this purpose really well. 

For the reasons above, I chose these lenses. They don't have that big diameter, they have a grey circle, not black one, and their color is not that vivid overall. This is how they look compared to my eyes.

As you can see, they really look quite natural in my eyes. Even though the enlargement is still pretty nice, it's nothing monstrous like in case of my other lenses. They do not cover your natural eye color that well though - if you look closely, my green is showing quite a bit.

The ultimate lenses testing method I use when testing new lenses is simple - wearing them when I'm meeting my classmates and watching their reactions. We have known each other for 8 years and they are usually the first people to realize there's something weird with my eyes. This time I got only very few reactions - some people didn't realize I'm wearing lenses at all!

These lenses are also pretty comfortable. I wore them throughout a party without any major sign of discomfort.

GEO Nudy Grey circle lenses
diameter: 14,2
BC: 8,6
water content: 38%
lifespan: 1 year disposal

color 4/5
coverage 3/5

comfort 4,5/5
enlargement 3/5

OVERALL IMPRESSION: 4/5 - These lenses are awesome if you're looking for natural looking lenses. They don't provide that much enlargement and coverage but they can still make your eyes look beautiful. 

I hope this review was helpful <3
hugs & kisses

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Monday, August 11, 2014

[CZ only] Vše o barevných kontaktních čočkách

Zdravím~ Po dlouhé době jsem se rozhodla napsat článek v češtině a to z jednoho prostého důvodu. Nedávno zachvátila českou cosplay komunitu panika vyvolaná tímto postem. A vyrojila se spousta otázek hodných diskuze. Jak je to tedy s barevnými čočkami a circle lenses? Je objednávání ze stránek jako PinkyParadise bezpečné? Jak se o čočky správně starat abychom se vyhnuli podobným problémům? A stojí to riziko vůbec za těch 6-8 hodin krásných očí?

Rozhodla jsem se se na tohle téma trochu podívat. Sama jsem začala nosit normální kontaktní čočky asi před třičtvrtě rokem a barevné následovaly hned vzápětí. Moje zkušenosti tedy nejsou tak bohaté (i když možná je to výhoda, ještě mám v živé paměti školení v optice :D), tak jsem se rozhodla vzít si na pomoc pár svých kamarádek které nosí barevné čočky už dlouhá léta.

Barevné čočky a circle lenses
Pod pojem "barevné čočky" spadají - překvapivě - všechny čočky které nejsou průhledné. Existují v mnoha různých barvách, průměrech, zakřiveních, můžou vypadat jako kočičí oči nebo sharingan, můžou svítit pod UV lampou, prostě cokoli na co si vzpomenete. Dají se sehnat dioptrické i bez dioptrií.

Speciální kategorie těchto čoček jsou tzv. circle lenses. Tento typ čoček pochází z  Koreje a slouží k optickému zvětšení (= zkrášlení) oka. Tento efekt vzniká díky většímu průměru a tmavému kruhu kolem čočky, díky kterému tyto čočky dostaly své jméno. Kvůli většímu průměru sou trošku náročnější na nošení a nosí se hlavně pro módní účely, se správným makeupem vypadají skvěle k asijským stylům, ke cosplayi i jen tak. Tenhle článek bude hlavně o nich.

Kde koupit a jak vybrat čočky?
V kamenných obchodech se dají pořídit na několika místech v Praze, například v alternativních obchodech typu Nosferatu. Na internetu existují české stránky jako nebo, ale většinou je lepší objednávat ze zahraničních stránek díky většímu výběru. Největší reseller circle lenses je PinkyParadise (odkud ale byly mimo jiné i čočky které slečně s fotky výše slouply rohovku), ale existuje spousta dalších stránek jako Lensvillage nebo Maplelens. Všechny tyto stránky prodávají čočky od stejných značek, které většinou byly lékařsky schválené v Koreji.

Nikdy nekupujte čočky od podezřelých prodejců například na ebayi nebo v obchodech které se na ně nespecializují. Mohly by se vám do rukou/očí dostat padělky.

Vybrat čočky je třeba po několika stránkách. Hrají roli dioptrie, průměr, zakřivení a v neposlední řadě i důvod na co je potřebujete. Pokud nosíte běžné čočky, měli byste znát svůj počet dioptrií. Barevné čočky se většinou vyrábí jen na krátkozrakost, pokud máte nějakou jinou vadu, máte hodně omezený výběr a budete si muset připlatit jinak máte většinou smůlu. Zakřivení neboli B.C (base curve) hraje také roli. Nejběžnější zakřivení oka je údajně 8.6 takže pokud si nejste jistí, zvolte tohle nebo navštivte očního. Já mám 8.6 a mám jedny čočky které mají 8.8, což je pravděpodobně důvod proč jsou mi nepohodlné. Spousta lidí tohle vůbec neřeší a pak si stěžuje na nepohodlnost čoček.

Průměr hraje také velkou roli. Průměr běžných i mnoha barevných čoček je 14,0 mm. Průměr circle lenses bývá 14 až 15 mm přičemž se zvětšuje vždy po dvou milimetrech. Existují i čočky větší než 15 mm
(ačkoli jsem se dočetla že čočky větší než 15mm se neprodávají a cokoli uvedeného jako větší než 15mm je jen optický efekt, ale nemám nikde potvrzení o pravdivosti tohohle tvrzení), ale většinou čím větší průměr, tím menší pohodlnost. Také je rozdíl mezi reálným a optickým zvětšením očí, některé čočky mohou mít malý průměr, ale velký zvětšovací efekt.

Když máte jasno v praktických otázkách, je třeba si vybrat konkrétní čočky. Na běžné nošení budete chtít spíše přirozeně vypadající tónovací čočky, ke cosplayi jsou potřeba čočky které dobře kryjí vaší přirozenou barvu oka. Pokud objednáváte z internetu, vždycky si najděte na daný model recenze. Nejen že uvidíte jak čočka vypadá přímo na oku, ale dozvíte se užitečené informace o její pohodlnosti a o spolehlivosti stránky ze které objednáváte.

Péče o čočky a jejich nošení

Pokud o čočky správně nepečujete, můžete výrazně zkrátit jejich životnost a sobě přihodit vážné zdravotní komplikace.

Narozdíl od běžných čoček, po vybalení je nemůžete dát přímo do oka. Před nošením je třeba je nechat přes noc (alespoň 6 hodin) louhovat v roztoku. Je to tím že roztok ve kterém přišly je jiný než roztok který normálně používáte. Ještě před nasazením je třeba zkontrolovat jestli nejsou defektní.

Pokud není uvedeno jinak, měli byste je nosit denně 6, maximálně 8 hodin. Čím větší průměr, tím se tahle doba většinou zkracuje. S čočkami v žádném případě nespěte!!! Jakmile vám jsou čočky v oku nepohodlné, škrábou nebo přes ně přestáváte vidět, je třeba je vyndat.

Pokud cítíte, že se vám vysušují oči, použijte kapky do očí. Existují i takové speciálně pro zvlhčení čoček. Pokud to nezabere, čočky vyndejte.

Čočky si nasazujte před nanesením makeupu. Zabráníte tak nasazení čoček na případné nečistoty z makeupu které vám mohly spadnout do oka.

Čočky ani pouzdro by nikdy neměly přijít do kontaktu s vodou. Vše umývejte zásadně roztokem k tomu určeným.

Čočky mají různou životnost, od jednoho dne přes tři měsíce až po jeden rok. Tuto dobu byste měli respektovat i když je jasné že dvakrát nošené roční čočky se vám po roce nebude chtít vyhodit. Prošlé čočky vnímám trochu jako prošlé mléko - jsou out of date, ale pokud na nich nevidíte ani necítíte nic špatného, můžete je použít. Ačkoli se tím samozřejmě vystavujete určitému riziku.

Svoje čočky byste neměli půjčovat jiným lidem ani od jiných lidí. Pokud už to uděláte, navrácené/cizí čočky před nošením pečlivě umyjte a nechte alespoň 6 hodin v roztoku.

Roztok je třeba čočkám pravidelně měnit i když je zrovna nenosíte. Optimální dobu za kterou byste měli roztok měnit uvádí každý jinou, ale nejméně jednou za 14 dní byste to měli udělat. Pokaždé když měníte roztok, opláchněte s ním nejdřív pouzdro i čočky abyste odplavili nečistoty. Když čočky dáte do nového roztoku, pouzdro zavřete a zatřepte jím. Ideální na čištění čoček mi přijde tzv. barelové pouzdro, protože máte jistotu že čočky zůstanou vždy ponořené v roztoku (stává se mi naprosto běžně že otevřu pouzdro a najdu čočku přilepenou na stěně a napůl venku z roztoku -.-)

To je asi tak všechno o čočkách. Kdybyste měli nějaké dotazy tak do komentářů nebo na ask.
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